Mariana Coló


Mariana Coló, born in December 1986 / Based in Buenos Aires

As an anthropologist and visual artist I intend to apprehend the world in a way that goes beyond superficial observation . My artistic work takes the form of watercolour paintings and embroideries; a hybrid body of work that weaves theory with fiction, informal fieldwork with poetic sensibility, mythology with personal narrative. In order to represent an intimate (and imaginary) visual ethnography animated by subtle flows of fragmentation and mutation. 


2016-2015 Masters Degree in Cultural Project Management / Analysis of Publics and Audiences, Université Paris X – Nanterre. Paris

2015-2013 Embroidery courses with Amparo Villarreal. Buenos Aires

2013-2006 Painting and drawing studies with Nahuel Vecino, Julián Gatto and Vicente Grondona. Buenos Aires

2011-2005 Masters Degree in Anthropology, Universidad de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires

2004-1992 Baccalauréat, Lycée franco-argentin Jean Mermoz. Buenos Aires

Selected group exhibitions and fairs

2018 Muertropical, La Confitería. Buenos Aires

2018 Fading Memories / Open Studio. Weesp, Amsterdam

2018 Paraíso Artificial, Les Matins Blancs.París

2016 ByeFestival-Sur, Inboccalupo. Buenos Aires

2014 Embroidery exhibition, Galería Cristal. Buenos Aires

2010 Verano Indio, Galería Cobra. Buenos Aires

2010 Arte BA with Galería Cobra. Buenos Aires

2009 Arte BA with Galería Cobra. Buenos Aires

2008 Pequeño salón. Pasaje Marwai. Buenos Aires

2007 Pagoda Mutable en Brumas de Mil Colores. Buenos Aires


2017-2016 Production designer and editor, Iaia Ioio Studio. Paris

2017 Custom design and hand embroidery on t-shirts & polos, Petit Bateau. Paris

2017 Custom design and hand embroidery on textiles, Iaia Ioio Studio – E-shop. Paris

2016 Art gallery assistant, Galerie L’œil ouvert. Paris

2016 Art gallery assistant intern, Galerie L’inlassable. Paris

Additional Studies

2018 Illustration workshop with Rebecca Green. Sevilla

2017 Ceramics workshop with Marie Laurent. Paris

2017 Sashiko embroidery workshop, Association culturelle franco-japonaise Talachiné. Paris

2016 Linocuts workshop with Evelyne Mary. Paris

2013-2008 Figure drawing workshop with Nahuel Vecino. Buenos Aires

2004 Art history lecture series, Asociación de Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Buenos Aires

Art Residencies

2018 Artist in Residency, Het Domijn. Weesp, Amsterdam

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